Step feeder

Step feeder

Automatic Vibratory bowl feeder is a kind of auxiliary equipment of automatic assembly machine, which can arrange out all kinds of products in an orderly way. It can be combined with automatic assembly equipment to assemble all parts of the product into a complete product. Vibration bowl feeder is widely used in Electronics, hardwares, plastic cements, medicamenst, foods, toys, stationeries, daily goods and other industries. It is the necessary equipment to solve the supply of industrial automation equipment. Vibration bowl feeder can also be used in sorting, testing, counting and packaging, etc. It is a modern high-tech product.

Product detail

Step feeder

Reliatronic Step Feeders are available in both Right Hand, (RH) and Left Hand, (LH) configurations as well as various heights and step sizes to feed and orient a wide variety of parts. Step feeders are aptly named as you may have guessed because they feed bulk parts from a hopper bin where they are carried up to the tooling feature by a combination of moving and stationary reciprocating plates, shelves or "Steps".

Variable speed or fixed drive, connected to the plates, controls the speed at which a single layer of parts indexes up to the orientation feature to select the parts in the proper orientation. The drive method of the steps can be either electric or pneumatic. Once oriented the parts then are stored in a conveyor or vibratory inline track system to the machine station.

The linear section performs the high tolerance selection process of the parts to their required orientation. The parts that aren't oriented 100%, are the gently returned to the hopper bin, via a gravity chute or powered conveyor, where they are "stepped" up the feeder once again. Depending on your specific application materials used can be Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Aluminum, and even plastics like Delrin or UHMW.

Benefits of a Reliatronic Step Feeder :

· Quiet Operation

· Lower Maintenance

· Metered Feeding

· Gentle Part Handling

· Vibration Free Feeding

· Low Load Height

· Handles Oily Parts

· Feeds a Wide Variety of Parts

Step feeder