screw feeder vibration bowl feeder

screw feeder vibration bowl feeder

Dongguan Chuangyu Electronic Co., Ltd. is a branch of Keepro Industry Group, founded in 2009 and specialized in developing and producing various high quality automatic feeders, like vibratory bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders, line feeders, step feeders, and robotic screw fastening machines, like handheld screw fatening machine, platform XYZ automatic screw robot and customized automatic screw fastening system upon our customers' demands. The main applicable industriesare automotive, home appliances, electronic, automobile, electrical components, 3C etc.

Product detail

screw feeder vibration bowl feeder

   Automatic Vibratory bowl feeder is a kind of auxiliary equipment of automatic assembly machine, which can arrange out all kinds of
products in an orderly way. It can be combined with automatic assembly equipment to assemble all parts of the product into a
complete product. Vibration bowl feeder is widely used in Electronics, hardwares, plastic cements, medicaments, foods, toys,
stationeries, daily goods and other industries. It is the necessary equipment to solve the supply of industrial automation equipment.
Vibration bowl feeder can also be used in sorting, testing, counting and packaging, etc. It is a modern high-tech product.


1) Exciting vibration force and power are well matched, vibration force is large, the weight of the body is light, small volume, low mechanical noise;

2) Stable amplitude;

3) Adjustable & flexible Vibration frequency;

4) Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation, maintanance, and operation;

5) Adopting high quality material parts, electric parts and operation parts. 

6) High performance feeding speed. 

7) Various model, can be customized

screw feeder vibration bowl feederscrew feeder vibration bowl feeder


screw feeder vibration bowl feeder