RY Thermal Fuse Full Automation Production Line

RY Thermal Fuse Full Automation Production Line

Dongguan Chuangyu Electronic Co., Ltd. is a branch of Keepro Industry Group, founded in 2009 and specialized in developing and producing various high quality automatic feeders, like vibratory bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders, line feeders, step feeders, and robotic screw fastening machines, like handheld screw fatening machine, platform XYZ automatic screw robot and customized automatic screw fastening system upon our customers' demands. The main applicable industriesare automotive, home appliances, electronic, automobile, electrical components, 3C etc.

Product detail

RY Thermal Fuse Full Automation Production Line

Special features of full automatic production line:

1.Improve the quality level to “100% pass”: The equipment conducts defective parts detection during the production. 100% detection for each part missing will be done twice. For some special part (star contact) which are vital for quality control, CCD video inspection is provided.

2.One person one line: totally automatic, no human power needed during normal operation. Only one worker needed to load the raw materials regularly. No extra operation needed.

3.The production capacity is over 7000 pcs per hour. 24 hours per day is workable.

4.There is no extra or requirement for raw materials. All designs are based on current materials.

5.Some parts of automation (like 3 in 1 machines) have been used and validated for over 5 years. All technologies and designs have been very stable and consistent. No more concerns about the design and consistence!

6.All running data, including operation parameters, test result, production conditions are recordable and saved in hard disk with Excel format. The owners can get it on line if needed.

7.This line is our own design and patented invention. The sample line is available now and has finished trial run. Further improvement space and upgradation have been considered and reserved. Customized design and manufacturing plan can meet different thermal fuse manufacturers’ demands.

RY Thermal Fuse Full Automation Production Line