Handheld screw feeder

Handheld screw feeder

The handheld screw feeder system is adaptable to various end-user requirements. Whether assembling electronics, appliances, or machinery, this system ensures efficient and accurate screw fastening. The handheld screw feeder system is a versatile solution designed for customized screwdrivers.

Product detail

Handheld screw feeder


The handheld screw feeder comprises a bowl feeder, escapement, and screw driving head. All components are customized according to the specific screws and workpiece requirements. The screwdriver can be any brand in the market.


1. Customized design: Every screw feeder is customized according to customers’ screws and workpieces, including bowl, bit, and jaw. No screw jamming happens.

2. Improved Control System: Our system ensures that screws are not repeatedly fed or missed during the process.

3. Compact construction and footprint: With its small size and low noise, it’s easy to maintain and can even fit under a table, saving space.

4. Efficient Screw Feeding: The feeding speed depends on the operator’s working pace.

5. Safety and Cleanliness: Operators don’t need to touch the screws directly, ensuring safety and cleanliness.

6. High-Quality Materials: Some key parts are made from specially heat-treated, high-quality steel alloy.